Wednesday, March 23, 2011

NEW - Lil' Olivia's

100% of the proceeds from the sale of Lil' Olivia items will benefit our adoption and travel expenses to go and get our baby girl - hopefully by Fall. We still have a long way to go to fund those astronomical plane tickets!

The following items are available through using the side PayPal button to order. Orders can be placed through leaving me a comment (make sure to give your email address - it wont be published on this site) OR by noting what you would like in the comment section on the PayPal order form. You can also contact me via comments if you would like to send a check or money order. A donation of $2-4 for shipping is appreciated but not required.

Our Old and NEW items --- (click on any picture to see more detail)
NEW Asst of recycled magazine bead necklaces - $12
- made in Kenya -
NEW - triple string magazine bead necklaces - $12

NEW - magazine bead bracelets; elastic - $5
NEW - HUGE magazine bead necklaces - $20
NEW - Multi-colored necklaces - $12
Carved Ivory necklaces - $3
- made in Kenya -
Child Sized bracelets - $5 for 5
White Ivory bracelets - $5
- made in Kenya-
Brown Ivory Bracelets (designs vary) - $5
- Made in Kenya -
Bangle sets - $5
-made in Mali -

Beauty Products - you can't smell these on the web but these are my best sellers!! With tons of repeat customers as these soaps are made of natural products (most ALL natural) - with tons of lather and great skin healing properties.

(FOR ECZEMA: my little girl had awful eczema last winter. This winter I have been bathing her in one of our shea butter soaps. I forgot to use it for about a week and the eczema showed back up!! Switched back to the shea butter and treated her spots with my Shea/Mango butter and it was all clear in two days!)

Mango Butter - recommended by dermatologist for fine lines - $16 for 4 oz.
Coconut Oil - smells SO good - $10
Shea/Mango Butter - works great to treat eczema - $10
Shea/Aloe Butter - also great for skin problems - $10
Shea Butter - $10

All Soaps - $4.50 each OR $12 for 3

Children's Items:
Stuffed zebras and giraffes - $6 each
-handmade in Kenya -
NEW - Tic Toc drums - $6 each
- handmade in Kenya -
NEW - Taggie Blankets - $15

Sweet little comfort blankets for babies to hold and rub the silky tags.
(generously made and donated by my sweet friend Stephanie - master seamstress!)

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