Sunday, February 27, 2011

It's taken a village..

As many of you know - it has literally taken a village to help us raise the funds to bring sweet Lil' Olivia home. We are almost at the finish line and God has provided for every amount at every time it was needed. Our last amount, the money needed to travel to get her, is our largest with approximately $9000 needed for both trips if only Tony and I go on the first - and me going with a friend on my second trip as Tony stays home. We are still praying that God would provide for our children to be able to go on that first trip to meet their sister, play in the orphanages, and learn a lesson in compassion and missions that no picture or book could teach. Seth has expressed to me that my faith should be 'big enough' to believe God can do it!!! To take our children along would be an additional $6000. So around $15,000. That's a lot to pull together in around 4-5 months but our God is an awesome God!!!

Thankfully, our agency, America World Adoption, has just opened back up a program called the “Eternal Family Program” which enables family and friends to contribute toward the cost of our adoption. If you feel led to partner with us financially, America World will accept contributions on our behalf and will provide a letter or email to you which will substantiate that the funds have been received by AW.

You can contribute either by check or credit card. Checks can be made payable to America World Adoption Association or just AWAA. Both the check and the included “Eternal Family Program” form (download packet below) should be sent directly to America World Adoption Association, Attn: Accounting Dept. 6723 Whittier Ave., Suite 202, McLean, VA 22101. Credit card contributions can be made online at and the “Notes” section should be used to identify both the Eternal Family Program and our family.

Eternal Family Program packet (includes explanation page, sponsor letter, and EFP form).

If you have any questions, feel free to message me directly! We thank you for your interest and look forward to introducing our new daughter to all those who have loved on her already! We are still hoping to bring her home by the end of the summer.

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