Thursday, August 19, 2010

Calling all family!!!!

Copied from an adoption friend, but made me wonder too:

This is a quick little SHOUT OUT to our families.


Seriously, we’re curious. My sweet sis definitely pops in. Have you??

Most of the extended families haven't made a peep. That makes us sad....Let us know you’re here! Show us some love! You guys are one of the reasons we’re keeping this blog, so it’d be great to know if you stop by. At the very least, to know who knows what so we'll have our communication bases covered!
Don’t be shy…. Leave a comment.


Beth said...

Hey, we may not be blood family, but you are a sister in Christ!!
And I READ YOUR BLOG, so keep it up!
Oh, and I am SOOO happy your paper work is sent! Yahoo!

Tracy said...

yep - you DEFINITELY qualify Beth! And we're a little (just a tad bit) excited ourselves. O.k., ecstatic is more like it.

Dave and jody said...

Hey Friend!! I'm stalking you!! But you might have already known that. :-) I hope you find out a lot more people read your blog than you think!

Debb said...

Hi Tracy! Enjoying following you on your journey to Olivia! :o)

Anonymous said...

Oh, you called me sweet. Love the frog by the way :)

Katie Funk Goodwin said...

I pop in on a semi-regular basis and I love reading your updates!

The Beaver Bunch said...

I read, though I'm not blood family either. Oh well.