Thursday, October 29, 2009

An apology - sort of

I feel like all I have been doing is asking for donations. Wanna sponsor a child? Wanna buy a raffle ticket? Check out our 'ChipIn' donation? Buy some personalized art?? Donate through PayPal? and now.....

wanna buy some coffee?

I'm hoping I can get 'ya on one front or another! Just Love Coffee is an internet store that just opened this week. The concept designed and brought about by an adoptive father of two beautiful Ethiopian girls. For every bag of coffee, or every T-Shirt, you purchase from our 'store', we are mailed a check to be deposited into our adoption fund. And if you have never tried Ethiopian coffee, you truly don't know what you are missing! I liked coffee before, I LOVE Ethiopian coffee now. Just click on the logo to be taken to our storefront. And I know it's a little more expensive than Starbucks bags, but it is also a charity. With proceeds going to both us and the orphanage where his girls were taken care of. So please pass along the website to any other java-addicts you may know.

And now to the apology:

A foreword - Adoption is expensive. And what you may not know is that the Ethiopian government frowns on all fund-raising. So once we get hot and heavy into this process, like around the time we submit our dossier (with a check for $7700) - I will have to pull all mentions of donations and fund-raising from my public blog. So I'm just trying to get the word out now that we need help, while I still can.

And the apology - I'm sorry I have to ask for help, but I'm not sorry I am asking. Does that make sense at all? I'm asking for help because I know the joy that we get from helping. True joy that lasts, unlike the joy felt after buying a new purse. Or the lingering good feelings from a movie we took our kids to, that is forgotten after a week when they are asking to go to the next blockbuster. True joy comes from the Lord:

** I know how awesome it feels to have a little 9 year old boy in Colombia tell me, through our help, he may grow up to be a preacher. A little boy in an area of child militia and drug wars.

** I know how awesome it feels to have a little 9 year old girl in India write to me simple words like "elephant. tiger. cat. monkey." A little girl who 2 years ago didn't know her alphabet. In a country that doesn't value women or an education. She's also growing her hair out to wear the ribbons we have mailed her.

** I know how awesome it feels to know a widow in Ethiopian has her own store and can support her two children through our help. A widow who is being exposed to Christ in an area where only 10% are Christians.

** I know how awesome it feels to see my own children praying for and loving these children on the other side of the world.

** I know how unbelievably sad it is to think of the infants, the little babies, left to die in gutters or at the doors of the orphanages by neighbors or distant relatives. Babies 5 months old that weigh as much as an American newborn.

**And I can only imagine how awesome it will feel to bring back a beautiful little girl with shining dark eyes from a land of poverty and pain. And hold her up for you to see. And tell you thank you for helping to bring her into our family. And to know that only through God, are we able to do this wonderful work.

I just told Tony last night. I get so uncomfortable hearing others tell us, "it takes a very special person to do what you are doing." No - it takes a sinful, normal person. But a person who selfishly wants to see where God leads us. Who selfishly wants to snuggle up to round chubby cheeks and feel the joy of being a new mom again. Who selfishly is excited to see how much joy we can soak up in the coming years from little Olivia. So, I'm sorry I'm so selfish. Don't ya want to get in on it???

  • Be selfish enough to get tons of joy from saving the life of a child with Compassion...
  • Be selfish enough to drink tons of unbelievable coffee from JustLove...
  • Be selfish enough to order a great Christmas or baby shower gift with no shopping involved...
  • Be selfish enough to donate towards paying the Ethiopian country fees for the care of Baby Olivia and hopefully, in about a year, know you helped to bring a healthy smile to her and her mommy's faces!!!

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Beth said...

I was thinking about what to get my family for Christmas, and now I know! I'll be ordering some Ethiopian coffee in the near future :-)